Summary of key changes

The Regional Transport Committee is proposing the following revisions to the vision, objectives and priorities outlined in the previous Canterbury Regional Land Transport Plan.

New 30-year vision

The draft Canterbury Regional Land Transport Plan’s revised 30-year vision is for ‘an innovative, resilient, low emissions transport system that helps Canterbury thrive for generations’.

Updated ten-year objectives and priorities

The Land Transport Management Act (2003) seeks an effective, efficient and safe land transport system.

Our updated strategic objectives to deliver the 30-year vision are maintenance, resilience, emissions, growth, safety and freight.

Headline targets

We have revised our headline targets to set timeframes and increased the target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from land transport by 41% (previously 30%) by 2035.

Priorities for investment

We have revised our investment priorities and their weighting; these are used when ranking the specific transport activities proposed by the each of the region’s councils, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and the Department of Conservation.

New investment priorities and the weightings are listed below:

  • Create a well-maintained network *top priority
  • Manage risk of exposure to extreme events (35% weighting)
  • Support and develop connected public transport and active transport networks (30% weighting)
  • Implementing safer systems (Road to Zero) (25% weighting)
  • Support and develop freight systems connecting to air, rail and sea (10% weighting).

Monitoring indicator framework

We monitor several indicators to determine if activities are having a positive impact on transport system priorities. These are outlined in the Monitoring Indicator Framework (page 60). The framework has been revised to align with the new priorities proposed in the plan and include additional wellbeing indicators.

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