Electric buses are environmentally friendly

Environment Canterbury is committed to reducing carbon emissions. There are two main ways that we are actively working towards this aim.

  • Encouraging more people to catch the bus. The emissions from one diesel bus roughly equates to five petrol cars. By enhancing the service to be more reliable with more frequent trips and efficient trips, it will encourage more people to leave their cars at home and catch the bus.
  • More electric and low emission buses. Environment Canterbury is working towards having 40% of the bus fleet being electric and low-emission by 2023. This work includes 25 more electric buses in the region by 2022. Electric buses cost more to purchase but Metro sees the value in upgrading the fleet.

New Electric Buses

New buses are needed to support higher frequency of services and increased capacity. Currently, we have funding for new low-emission diesel buses. Electric buses are desirable for metro to respond to climate change, but require extra funding.

We want to hear your thoughts on funding of electric buses.

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