Native and exotic replanting

Native planting

Te Rūnanga o Arowhenua have gifted us the name 'Te Ipuraki o Motu Ariki' meaning 'the foodbowl of Motuariki', for this replanting project. Motuariki is the name for the small island in the middle of the lake. We have also been gifted the name 'te piripiri' (based on the word piri, which means 'to stick close together') for the native planting areas that will be established throughout Lake Tekapo/Takapō Regional Park. Te piripiri will increase the biodiversity of the park and provide attractive, interesting displays for visitors. Signage next to each native planting area will provide information about the traditional uses of some of these plants.

We are planning to create 25 to 30 of these native planting areas throughout the park. Each of te piripiri will include trees and shrubs that are indigenous to the area and suitable for the conditions. Some examples include dwarf kōwhai, koromiko, tōtara, tussock, and taramea.

Exotic planting

Most of the forest will gradually be replanted with fast-growing, non-spreading exotic trees.

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