What is being proposed?

29 June, 2018

Council explored a number of representation options available to it under the Local Electoral Act 2001, and ended up supporting an initial proposal for a 13-member council elected from 7 constituencies.

The proposal seeks to maintain the 3 Canterbury constituencies we have now of North, Mid and South Canterbury and allocate Christchurch City into 4 constituencies of North, West, Central and South Christchurch (see map below).

Council also supports dual English / Maori names for each constituency (the English name first followed by the Maori name in brackets).

The following proposed Maori names have been developed in consultation with Te Rūnanga o Ngai Tahu and Papatipu Rūnanga.

  • North Canterbury-Ōpukepuke (of rolling hills)

  • Mid-Canterbury-Ōpākihi (of plains)

  • South Canterbury-Ōtuhituhi (of rock drawings)

  • Christchurch North-Ōrei (of wetlands)

  • Christchurch West-Ōpuna (of springs)

  • Christchurch Central- Ōhoko (of trading)

  • Christchurch South-Ōwhanga (of bays, inlets, harbours)
Proposed number of councillors per constituency

In the proposal all the boundaries align with territorial authority and city ward boundaries, and the membership make up from the total of 13 members is that each constituency will comprise 2 members each (except for South Canterbury that has 1 member).

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