Greater Christchurch

Where are we heading?

Canterbury is a wonderful place to live, and it is becoming even better as we progressively reshape our city.

Within the next five years, our central city attractions will open—Tūranga, our new Central Library, the Town Hall, Te Pae Convention Centre, Taiwhanga Rehia Metro Sports Centre, and the multi-use stadium. That means a lot more people enjoying what our city has to offer.

In the next 30 years, population growth will add another 150,000 people to Greater Christchurch. If we keep thinking the way we do now, more people means more cars on our roads, but it is clear that we can’t build our way out of congestion.

It’s time for a big shift in how we think about transport.

Five priorities

1. Improve our environment

How: increase the number of people using public transport and reduce the carbon footprint of public transport by shifting to low or zero emission vehicles.

2. More people using public transport

How: greater priority for public transport on high demand routes and a highquality travel experience. As the population grows, rapid transit may be added to improve travel times along key corridors to and from the city.

3. Accessibility

How: provide more frequent public transport services so that more people can get to workplaces, shopping, education and recreation within 30 minutes travel time.

4. Innovation

How: trial and introduce new transport and technology initiatives with lower environmental impacts, greater safety and lower costs.

5. Affordability

How: expand the network at a rate the community can afford, with cost effective new services and infrastructure that is financially sustainable for ratepayers and funding agencies.

Consultation has concluded

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