Climate Change, Hazards, Risk and Resilience

5 months ago

Climate change is a top priority in the draft 2020/21 Annual Plan.

We are raising the visibility of our climate change work and getting information to the community. Our new Climate Change Integration programme brings together work across the whole organisation.

Flood protection

The most significant expenditure in this portfolio is the flood protection infrastructure that is built and maintained to protect lives and livelihoods. Much of this infrastructure is located in regional parks and the work to make those parks great recreational spaces also falls into this portfolio.

Risk and resilience

We also support:
  • Work of the Harbourmaster’s Office for our two major regional ports (Lyttelton and Timaru) and recreational waterways
  • Contaminated land investigations and actions
  • Emergency management and responses to such things as oil spills, earthquakes and other civil defence emergencies.
  • Natural hazard modelling and geological and risk investigations.

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